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Celebrity Heights and Weights 

Many popular celebrities become icons of styles and trends that they set as influential personalities that many people, especially teens and young adults, look up to for inspiration in style and life goals. Many fashion trends today have, in fact, been started by popular celebrities, either something they have worn on a party or as a street style, which teenagers love to copy, as it has been a social standard that in order to look acceptable, common trends should be followed, especially those made popular by known celebrities, as styles have been attached more to the personality that wears it than its real significance as a piece of art or fashion.

For many teens, especially girls, it has been very common to idolize certain personalities, actresses, musicians, or singers that may resemble what they dream to be as an individual or as a teen. This is typically evident in teenagers that take after the common clothing style of their idols, and may even copy their haircuts or hairstyles to make them feel like they can look close enough to their idolized personalities, with the common perception that being in trend is always cool. For more enthusiastic fans, some even go to further lengths as researching personal information about their favorite celebrities, as knowing more about their idols may provide them with more satisfaction the more they know about their favorite personalities. These may include looking up the body measurements of famous celebrities, which is fed by articles on heightline.com or websites that have a list of the height and weight of celebrities. Although the weights of celebrities may be a constantly changing information, many fans still find it satisfying to know either to confirm their ideas about them or to have a figure they can model after to resemble them at least in their body measurements.

The body stats of famous people may also be subjected to criticism by the media, which is why some celebrities choose to keep these information private to avoid judgment especially in today's modern era where most people have a one-sided idea and standard of what is beautiful and socially acceptable.

The height and weight of popular celebrities in Hollywood may be an interesting subject for a lot of people especially their fans, but ultimately, these should not be a basis, in any way, for people to admire famous personalities, as they are artists that should be appreciated more for their talents and capabilities than their superficial physical attributes. Check out https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/19/short-celebrity-men-stars-height_n_2909330.html for more information.